bloke using coke can

Mr Slutto

Adrian Slutto (34) was born inside of a crab with Rip Van Winkle and The Pat-a-cake Man. He left school at 25 to pursue a career suckling his young with sour milk. He currently spends most of his time complaining to the council about coloured lights coming out of his kitchen taps.

Atilla the Hen

This remarkable young capon was once better known as Jack Pelter`s Sex Change Chicken . He has appeared on `Calender` and `Nationwide`. His favourite odour is that of a weather-vane and he is perhaps best remembered for trapping flies under a piece of floppy skin on a Bishop`s thorax.


clown crouches in road

Sigsworthy Crags

Sigsworthy Crags is an inventor who built a big airship one day in his CAVE!!!!!

No-one believed him but they soon regretted it the day he went sailing right over the valley over ponds that were calm, and seas that were rough and lakes which were rougher and.... Bow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!