12 Nov 1999, St Austell Coliseum, Cornwall, Devon, England.

Technical blurb: bits of the gig were videoed on a Sony TR7000E digital 8 camcorder, occasionally using the infra-red 'night shot' setting.
Stills were frame-grabbed using Studio 400 hardware/software and saved as JPEG files.
Some cropping of the JPEGs was then done using Micrografx software and the green cast on the night shot pix was removed, leaving those images as b&w.

One fine sunny day (well, early December, I hope) you'll be able to click on the thumbs for larger images & a bit of info. In the meantime pic 3 is Nik & Dave and pic 4 is Nik before he took his head off...

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If anything doesn't work on this site then please let me know!

Also, if anyone can tell me how to take a video clip off Studio 400 and then stick it into a website then I'm happy to give it a go. Same applies to sound clips, as the version of Master of the Universe was particularly good, done with the Nik Turner 1980's ICU arrangement. Where he's going on about a metal box, or something... (By the way, anyone know the words to that section of the piece?)

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