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A magazine of sex and drugs and rock & roll,
with a smattering of Online Anarchy and High Strangeness.

Edited and compiled by Mr Slutto and Sigsworthy-Crags and Attila The Hen ...


All issues contain CD reviews, music and arts news and Twitchy the Tramp.

Issues 12, 13 and 18 are in TEXT format. The rest are HTML pages.


ISSUE Date Feature CD Reviews Missing Links (websites)
29 15 Aug 1999 - Coko. Research. S W V. Ma$e. Simon Birch OST. Street Buzz. -
28 19 June 1999 Mike Oldfield: CD & tour Jeff Beck. Dark Star. Gang Starr. Liz Horsman. Iron Maiden. Sarah McLachlan. Number One Cup. Red Hot Chilli Peppers Gay Dad
27 7 Jun 1999 A guide to the human brane... yeurkkk! The Fall. John Ellis. Adrian Wagner. Nancy Wilson. Bob Dylan
26 12 May 1999 FAMILY VALUES: Korn, Rammstein, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Incubus Athenrye. Alien Mutation. Shamanic Tribes on Acid. Family Values (see 'Feature') Ice Cube, Rammstein, Korn
25 19 Apr 1999 Five 'various artists' compilations. Creed. Dawn of the Replicants. John Ellis. The Fall. Fish. Fuel 238. Gene. Ginuwine. Lamb. Lindisfarne. Man. Tom Newman. John Perry. Silverchair. Wishbone Ash. (various)
24 20 Mar 1999 Kula Shaker Skunk Anansie; Pist On; XTC; Beth Orton Dusty Springfield (dec'd)
23 28 Feb 1999 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Chaka Khan. Concord Jazz. Portishead. Martin Turner Kula Shaker
22 7 Feb 1999 Bauhaus Desert Eagle Discs. Coldcut. Madder Rose. Garth Brooks H.P.Lovecraft: Lovecraftian music
21 26 Jan 1999 Athenrye Fred 'Thelonius' Baker. The Temptations. Prince. E-17 Rolling Stones
20 19 Jan 1999 Carrie Kiss. Billy Ray Cyrus. Ruby Turner. John Wetton Hawkwind
ISSUE Date Feature CD Reviews Missing Links (websites)
19 13 Jan 1999 -- Peter Wyngarde. P.J. Harvey. Talvin Singh. The Frank Chickens. Gothic Rock Compo. Folk Compo Charles Manson sites
18 (text) 3 Dec 1998 Rottentrolls (again!) R Kelly. Vonda Shepherd. Alisha's Attic. Alan Jackson Bowie websites
17 23 Nov 1998 Rottentrolls: The Nab Twins Chris Isaak. Judge John Jules & Boy George (Ministry of Sound 4). Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach. Jonathan Richman Kula Shaker
16 16 Nov 1998 Nada Surf Athenrye. Roy Harper. The Rolling Stones. Nanci Griffith Pet Shop Boys. Rottentrolls. Jungle Records
15 09 Nov 1998 Mediaeval Baebes Man (1970), Faith Evans, Sarah McLachlan, Faithless Pink Floyd
14 02 Nov 1998 They Might Be Giants Nichole Ray, Cordelia's Dad, Soul Coughin, Spraydog Suede
13 (text) 26 Oct 1998 Adamski Deke Leonard. Pip Pyle. Mainstream. Elton Dean, Mark Sanders and Roberto Bellatalla. Jimmy 'Bo' Horne -
12 (text) 19 Oct 1998 Tin Star Captain Sensible (2). Spin Doctors. John Martyn (1991). Glamourous Hooligan Wolf Tones. Echo & the Bunnymen

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