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Issue 22: 7th February 1999


THE GOSSIPPING HEN: Bill Drummond; Music of Black Origin;
OBITUARIES: King Hussein of Jordan
FEATURE: Bauhaus
NEWS: Actresses wary of Vaginal role; Rapper on Murder Charge; Rolling Stone banned in Wales (???)
BOOKSHELF: "The Rising of the Moon" by Jon Downes and Nigel Wright
MISSING LINKS: The Wit and Wisdom of H.P.Lovecraft (and the songs)
TWITCHY THE TRAMP: unwittingly becomes involved in archaeology
RECORD REVIEWS: Desert Eagle Discs; Coldcut; Madder Rose; Garth Brooks
WHAT`S COMING NEXT..... wait and see

EDITED AND COMPILED BY Mr Slutto, Siggsworthy Craggs and Atilla the Hen

With contributions from The Sexiest lady in Cyberspace over in the US of A

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* This turned upon another list recently and being massive Bill Drummond fans (well, me and Slutto are - Siggsy has never forgiven him for his slights against the Drude himself) we have stolen it for a reprint...

From: lindsay evans <>

Subject: Bill Drummond's books

Thanks for the few that have phoned already - I thought it a good idea to pass on as much info as possible. Here's the information on the three new books ellipsis have available:

The Manual (reprint ) 10.00 available mid December
The Annual (limited edition between 200 and 300 copies available) 10.00
>From the Shores on Lake Placid (limited edition between 200 and 300 copies available) 10.00
Foundation Burn a Million Quid (published in December 1997) 15.00

All the above titles can be ordered by credit card directly from Lindsay on tel 0171 7393157, fax 0171 739 3175 or email me. Please let me know your mailing address and card details.

Foundation Burn a Million Quid and The Manual - should be available from good bookshops and the two limited editions should be available from Helter Skelter in London and a handfull of supporting bookshops.

If you need any more information please let me know. Thanks



Here's the blurb on the first edition The Annual

Bill Drummond's Annual Report to the Mavericks, Writers and Film Festival is a vivid tale of how he allows a bunch of strangers at a literary festival to send him to Calcutta to file his accounts with the fearsome goddess Kali, representative of 'the unbridled nature of the female of the species.' Or is he responding to her unavoidable personal summons to take stock of the intricacies of his personal life and serially unworshipful relationships?

His prilgrimage, a comfortable confessional blessedly free from the usual descriptive accounts, takes him via Bombay and the M25 in the company of Gerry 'Filthy MacNasty's' O'Boyle and Iain Sinclair. He takes with him Ted Hughes' Birthday Letters as a talisman against the power of Kali, all that is loathsome and disgusting and powerful and insatiable. Drummond originally fell in love with Hughes' work - so removed from his 'world of counter-culture superstars, striking car workers, punk rock wars, reggae records and signing on' - to fill the space left by the demise of punk.

Hughes, whose own death ends the narrative, becomes his constant companion on both his inner journey and his geographical one. On the 36-hour train journey from Bombay to Kali's temple in Calcutta Birthday Letters - all that messy relationship stuff - is turned into an ammunition of paper planes littering the route from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, a trail of poetry from sea to sea. He delivers the remains of the book as a sacrificial offering at the altar of Kali's toe. And should Ted be told?

Horrified at a the prospect of finding himself a 'cheap tourist in someone else's religion', Drummond is forced to admit common cause, and a shared choice in breakfast venues, with men of a certain age trying to find themselves. He returns to find himself with a growing appreciation of the Unabomber's literary style and beliefs but luckily remembers what his mumalways told him, and makes the final decision not to write the film script for Executing God.

The five pieces of Annual Report to the Mavericks, Writers and Film Festival span just over a year in one man's mid-life crisis; from the publication of Birthday Letters to the death of its author; from one Mavericks, Writers and Film Festival to the next; from the invitation to write one film script to a final question about who could play Ted Hughes in the film of the Ted and Sylvia story. Who indeed?

* Racism is a funny thing. Can you imagine the furore there would be across the world`s media if someone tried to start a music award called `The Music of White origin`? You`d have every doo-gooder in the omniverse on your back, and rightly so. So why has no-one made a fuss about the recent MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards?

The name is wrong for a start. I looked at my record collection and, if you are gonna be honest, everything apart from my Celtic folk music, and my classical stuff IS Music of Black origin. But was it represented at the awards? Was it fuck? Where were Led Zeppelin? The Rolling Stones? Frank Sinatra? Scott Walker? indeed, any of the people whose records I listen to with great pleasure.

Where was the world music? The great and glorious music coming out of Africa today. Where was the true ghetto music? The underground dance music? The cutting edge funk?

Nowhere. That`s where. The whole thing was purely an exercise in marketing crappy pop music.

The show should have been renamed "Third Rate Disco and Dance Music Blando Blando Awards clothed in a piece of spurious arty racism to make it seem significant awards". Either that or do it properly.

* Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of being on stage at the moment the so-called new Millennium begins. Previous ISMOs have commented on the plans by folk such as Madonna and The Spice Girls. Now, David Bowie, a bloke of whom we are all inordinately fond here at ISMO mansions has announced that together with Split Enz of all people he is gonna be going on stage at one minute past midnight on the 1st January 2000 in the city which is (apparently) gonna be the first one in the worldto see the dawn of the new Millennium.


* On a similar subject, it is alleged within the cognoscenti that ISMO faves `Jon Downes and the Amphibians from Outer Space` are gonna be launching their first CD for four years with their first gig for three and a bit tied in with the Westcountry eclipse this summer. Whether they will be onthe much touted New-Age cruise ship or not (with an album called "Fuck `em if they can`t take a joke" it seems somewhat unlikely). Never mind.

* So All Saints aren't splitting, they've sacked their manager and Melanie Blatt finds breast-feeding uncomfortable. Was this REALLY worth the effort of calling a press conference? I think not.......


Peculiar music/art news from around the world


The Independent - 27 January 1999

Actresses avoid a very private part

THE MONOLOGUE has been described as "beautiful", yet the grandes dames of British theatre seem keen to avoid delivering it. On 14 February, The Old Vic in London will bring together a prestigious international cast to recite The Vagina Monologues, but the subject matter is proving a little embarrassing for some of our more mature actresses.

The cast will include the American screen stars Melanie Griffith and Calista Flockhart (TV's Ally McBeal), Australian Golden Globe winner Cate Blanchett, British model Sophie Dahl, actresses Natascha McElhone and Thandie Newton and writers Meera Syal and Kathy Lette.

The event is being held to raise money for women's and children's charities, particularly to help victims of domestic and sexual violence. But producer Chrissie Tiller, an associate education officer with the National Theatre, who has been putting together the performance, has found that one of the monologues, a speech for the older woman called "Down There" is proving particularly hard to cast.

The American playwright Eve Ensler delivering one of her 'Vagina Monologues' Photograph: Geraint Lewis

"It's the most beautiful piece for an older woman. I have tried all the grandes dames of British theatre," Ms Tiller said yesterday. "But they are frightened by the subject matter and I haven't yet been able to cast it. I wanted Eileen Atkins; and of course I have tried Judi Dench and Diana Rigg and many others. People have been frightened off."

The monologues are written by the American playwrightEve Ensler and arose from her asking 200 women: "If it could talk, what would it say?" Ms Ensler performed the monologues last night at the King's Head Theatre in north London.At a charity performance in New York, Hollywood stars including Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon performed, and the part of the older woman was played by American actress Shirley Knight. Whoopi Goldberg had a piece written especially for her, called "My Angry Vagina."

But, despite its star names, the American gala failed to find corporate sponsorship and Ms Ensler said at the time: "There was not one sponsor. No one will touch vaginas. If this was Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford in a play about penises, mark my words, they would have corporate funding."

Next month's performance at The Old Vic will also be without corporate sponsorship, despite the Association of Business Sponsorship of the Arts reporting this week that sponsorship was running at record levels.



Students have to show I.D. for Rolling Stone magazine in library

WALES, Wis. (AP) - Students at Kettle Moraine High School who want to read Rolling Stones magazine will have to show proof they are 18 years old or have permission from their parents. A new school policy, spurred after a school board member sought to have the magazine banned from the library, restricts access to the publication.

Students who are 18 or older will be allowed to read Rolling Stone at any time. Other students will need written parental permission to see the magazine.

Superintendent Sarah Jerome did not follow a committee's recommendation earlier this week to keep the magazine on the library shelf and available to all students.

Rolling Stone will be placed behind the counter in the library. The policy is "extremely unusual," said Mary Finn, the high school's head librarian. Finn said she was unhappy with Jerome's decision, but said she would "abide by the superintendent's decision."

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin denounced the policy. "Restricting access to material because of its content amounts to censorship," said Chris Ahmuty, executive director of the ACLU in Wisconsin. The ACLU has written the district and requested all public records related to the Rolling Stone decision.

School Board member Gary Vose said Rolling Stone's content was pornographic and unsuitable for reading at school libraries.

Vose first raised the issue last school year after seeing the Nov. 27, 1997 issue of Rolling Stone. The cover showed "Saturday Night Live" cast members touching breasts and buttocks. Jerome said Friday she will send a letter to parents next week informing them of her decision. The letter will include a permission slip that parents must sign and return if they want their children to have access to Rolling Stone.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: This story was included for three reasons.

1. It's funny. `Rolling Stone` has been crap for ages and it amuses us that some people can still see it as a cultural threat

2. The ridiculous headline sent to us by the sexiest lady in cyberspace deserved a wider audience

3. back when we were a paper mag ten years or so ago our finest moment was interviewing John-Paul Jones (ex Led Zeppelin). He signed Atilla the Hen`s copy of Led Zep 4 with the words "don`t sell out like Jan Wenner" and we never have...

More from The Sexiest Lady in Cyberspace......

Man convicted of killing old woman who criticized his rap singing

January 22, 1999

VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- A young man was convicted of murder Friday for beating, kicking and stomping to death an 81-year-old woman who had criticized him for singing a rap song with vulgar lyrics. Victor Brancaccio, 21, could get life in prison in the 1993 slaying of Mollie Mae Frazier. Because he was 16 at the time, he cannot get the death penalty. Brancaccio bit his lip when the verdict was read, then turned and appeared to scowl at his family, who were weeping loudly. Defense lawyers said they will appeal.

Brancaccio conceded he killed the woman, but his lawyers argued that brain damage, depression and a psychiatric drug rendered him legally insane at the time. Mrs. Frazier, a neighbor, had criticized him for rapping the lyrics of the Dr. Dre song "Stranded on Death Row'' as he walked down the street. He beat Mrs. Frazier, jumped on her rib cage and bashed her skull with a toy gun, leaving her to die in a vacant lot. He returned the next day to spray paint on her body and burn it.

Prosecutors argued that Brancaccio was a rebellious boy with a history of violence who was angry at his mother and took it out on Mrs. Frazier. It was the second time Brancaccio was convicted of kidnapping and murder in the case. In 1995 he was sentenced to life in prison, but an appeals court ordered a new trial because the judge did not specifically tell jurors they could consider whether the anti-depressant Zoloft rendered Brancaccio "involuntarily intoxicated'' when he killed Mrs. Frazier. Brancaccio's parents lost their home and their pizza business trying to pay for their son's first trial. But for the second trial, they were able to hire celebrity attorney Roy Black - who defended William Kennedy Smith and Marv Albert -- after winning $2.7 million in the Florida lottery.


This has nothing to do with Rock and Roll, but today the world has lost a great man.

The Lion sleeps Tonight.

7 Feb 1999 - The world today mourns the death of Jordan's King Hussein, leaders hailing him as one of the great men of the 20th century. Hussein's death, after nearly 50 years in power, resounded through the Middle East, with several Arab states declaring periods of official mourning. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan grieved at the king's passing Jordan today and called him a "valuable partner" for peace..............


Siggsy is a great devotee of the horror writer H.P.Lovecraft & is planning aa ridiculous record of Cockney drinking songs based on themes within Lovecraft`s work. This project - provisionally entitled "The Cheeky Cockney Cultists" will be releaased later in the year if we get around to recording it. In the meantime, however, here are a few websites with H.P.Lovecraft musical gubbins on them.

Firstly something totally ridiculous:

A Cthulhu Hymnal

Being a Compendium, Fortunately not Definitive, of Odes, Songs, Hymns, Psalms, Ballads, Limericks, Haiku and Rhymes in Honour of the Great Old Ones

Collected on the Net for the Education, Elevation, Titilation, Edification, Delectation and Merciful Mental Obliteration of the Civil and Learned Webbed Publick

by Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

Sources, Attributions, etc.

These songs are taken from postings to alt.horror.cthulhu. Many of the original posters didn't know who had written the songs, and I suspect some of the texts are corrupt. If you know who wrote a song; if you have a better version of the text; or if you wrote a song and want it yanked from this collection; drop me a line at (lop off the .spam from the address), and I'll be happy to oblige. (But please don't send any more songs; I've my reasons, but it's a long, boring story.)

....But other devotees produce music which is somewhat more serious in form...

Lovecraftian Music

Although many would say that the following bands were influenced by Lovecraft, it is probably more accurate to say that many of them were influenced more by the "Simon" edition of the Necronomicon.


Arzachel (1969)

"Azathoth" -- Electric guitar, a church organ, and sound effects.


You Suck Crap

"Arthur Jermyn"

Bal-Sagoth -- Although this band has some Lovecraft references, like that to "Hatheg-Kla", it takes much more inspiration from Robert E. Howard.

Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (1994)

"Hatheg Kla" -- Keyboard Instrumental


Nine Worlds (1996)

"The Outsider" -- Based on Lovecraft's story of the same name.

The Bevis Frond

The Auntie Winnie Album (1988)

"The Miskatonic Variations" -- 15 minutes of monotonous, psychedelic guitar.

New River Head (1991)

"The Miskatonic Variations II"

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath (1970)

"Behind the Wall of Sleep" --

Blue Oyster Cult -- Much of the following information can be found in The Blue Oyster Cult FAQ

Agents of Fortune (1976)

"E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)" -- Makes references to "The King in Yellow".


"I Am the One You Warned Me Of" -- The "Starry Wisdom" is mentioned. "Les Invisibles" -- The reference to "beneath the polar mountain" may be a reference to Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Also, the lyrics "the empress lay sleeping to the rhyme of the star clock" may refer to the return of the Great Old Ones. "In the Presence of Another World" -- The phrase "when the stars are right" is spoken. "The Seige and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle at Wisseria" -- The "Starry Wisdom" is mentioned.


For girls who grow plump in the night -- The name "Cthulhu" is mentioned in a song title.

Cassandra Complex

Satan, Bugs Bunny, and Me

"E.O.D." (Esoteric Order of Dagon) -- Makes direct references to Cthulhu and mentions that "he sleeps beneath the waves".

And finally.......

Probably the most monumentaally groovy Lovecraftian band are "Darkest of the Hillside Thickets"

Full name: Merrick Helge Atkinson
Known aliases: Egg
Age: 29
Origin: Canada

Alliances/Contacts: William; those pink crustaceous beings from space;Cats from Saturn
Method of longevity: None.
Stage Costumes: Night Gaunt; Evil Cultist; Fungi From Yuggoth;

Notes: Dog's name is Hastur

GREETINGS! My name is Merrickman, and I will be your guide into the vast and disturbing world of Cthulhu's good-time boys--those crazy kids who mix the two great tastes of rock, roll, and Lovecraftian horrors--The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

When you've mustered the nerve, just click on your favourite band member's pickled head to learn more about his identity, and in the meantime I'll tell you a bit about the band.

The story of how I became part of this ageless band of malcontents is perhaps too unsettling even for me to relate here. But of course, I have come this far...

Not long ago, I was just a semi-normal inquisitive soul. But then... shudder

I have William to thank for all this! Gadzooks, would that I had left well enough alone, and my curiosity been left UNSATISFIED. But alas, now I know...ALL TOO WELL. Those Old Ones in the hills, and the months after the encounter... oh, it will change the world. For better, or for worse? I cannot decide. Clearly there is room for improvement, but these fiends would have the slate wiped clean... they would throw the baby out with the bathwater. But I know that I cannot resist. They are near deathless. And I am their servant. Be that as it may, I must fulfill my duties as a member of this unwholesome league, and convince you to aid us in our unspeakable rock 'n' roll ascension. It is all in the music, you see? Clever, these boys... and their hidden masters. Yes, I will introduce them to you, funny hats and all, and then, prepare you for the unpreparable. The yawning void... the stinking chasm... R'lyeh... Yog-Sothoth! N'gai! Ph-nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!! Yuggoth on the Rim! THE THREE-LOBED BURNING EYE!!!! THE BLACK GOAT OF THE WOODS WITH A THOUSAND YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!

yours in sanity,





Bauhaus "Crackle" (Beggars Banquet BEGL2018 CD) *****

Out of the crushed velvet and black eyeliner morass that was the early 80`s Goth heyday, one band emerged to tower head & shoulders above all competitots: Bauhaus. The best thing tocome out of Northampton & led by `Joker` lookalike Pete Murphy, this band was unrivalled in lyrical originality and wrote tunes by turns haunting and exciting. From the grand guignol of "Bela Lugosi`s Dead" to the magestic "Spirit`.

To the great joy of Goths everywhere, they reformed and played two gigs late last year to publicise this album. The question on everybody`s loipsis `Are they reforming for good?` As I was too out of pocket to get to either of these gigs, I hope that this is the case. Until a proper tour is announced I can only say "Scratch pictures on Aasylum Walls/Broken Nails and Matchsticks". Siggsworthy Crags.


Originally known as Bauhaus 1919, this Northamptonshire quartet comprised Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (vocals, guitar), David Jay aka David J. (vocals, bass) and Kevin Haskins (drums). Within months of their formation they made their recording debut in 1979 with the classic, brooding, nine-minute gothic anthem, 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'. Their career saw them move to various independent labels (Small Wonder, Axix, 4AD and Beggars Banquet) and along the way they recorded some interesting singles, including 'Dark Entries', 'Terror Couple Kill Colonel' and a reworking of T. Rex 's 'Telegram Sam'. Often insistent on spontaneity in the studio, they recorded four albums in as many years, of which Mask (1981) proved the most accessible. A cameo appearance in the movie The Hunger, starring David Bowie, showed them playing their memorable Bela Lugosi tribute. They later took advantage of the Bowie connection to record a carbon copy of 'Ziggy Stardust', which gave them their only UK Top 20 hit. Although there was further belated success with 'Lagartija Nick' and 'She's In Parties', the group disbanded in 1983. Vocalist Peter Murphy briefly joined Japan 's Mick Karn in Dali's Car and the remaining three members soldiered on under the name Love And Rockets.

Encyclopedia of Popular Music Copyright Muze UK Ltd. 1989 - 1998



***** Fuck-off Brilliant
**** Pretty damn Good
*** Average but no Cigar, Mr President
** Could do better
* Shite

Coldcut "Let us Replay" (Ninja Zen39) ***

I can`t truly say anything about this double CD pack except for the fact that for what it`s OK. As regular readers of these hallowed pages will know I am rather fond of dance music, and it has to be said that in their time `Coldcut` have produced some of the best. However this record is ultimately a little disappointing. Which is sad because the package tries incredibly hard to break new ground with the inclusion of VJAMM Software, allowing the user to digitally remix a selection of video clips in a similar way to the way that the band themselves did on their last tour.

The real problem is that dance music is essentially a live medium, and whilst I have no doubt that the VJAMM technology provides an exceptional audio-visual experience in a club situation, the idea of doing it at home on your PC is essentially rather pointless. The same criticism, sadlyt can be levelled at people like Todd Rundgren and Peter Gabriel who have produced CDRom versions of their albums where the punter can remix them to their heart`s desire. Such brave efforts have so far failed, mainly because the perpetrators over-estimate the aspirations of the punter. People want to listen to music or dance to itor fuck to it... If they`d wanted to remix it they`d have become recording engineers and if they had wanted to see bizarre and exciting images alongside the (pretty good) dance music on this album they`d drop some acid. sad but true :-( Atilla the Hen

Desert Eagle Discs "The Eagle has Landed" (Arista 74321 594412) *

`Oh wow`, we thought when this CD and its accompanying CD single arrived on our doormat. `A musical re-creation of Jack Higgins`s novel about a Nazi Plot to capture Chutrchill using a renegade IRA man in 1943`. Was it heck? This is tired, lame Gangsta Rap which piles cliche upon cliche until it dissapears under the weight of its own banality. Yo mamma, uh get down respect etc. Atilla the Hen

Garth Brooks "Double Live" (Capitol 7243 4 97424 2 0) ***

Unlike Siggsy who HATES Country and Western music with a vengeance I rather like it, and although I have to admit that I agreed with his comments about the Billy Ray Cyrus album last week, this album, which as its title consists is a 2 CD set of Garth Brooks live in concert, is a completely different kettle of fish. 26 slices of down-home high energy C&W. Garth brooks is the spearhead of the `New Country` wave of a few years ago and if you were seduced by the promises of amplified fiddle music and Mom`s Apple Pie then you will love this. For me, however, it has all got a little too sanitised and big business, and he no longer sounds as if he is sitting on the stoop at Baton Rouge, but instead this record is redolent of the vives of every other major stadium act. Its OK if you like that sort of things and many people do. This Chicken hasn`t made up his mind yet. Atilla the Hen

Madder Rose "Tragic Magic" (Cooking Vinyl CookCD167) ***

The thing that has been the biggest stumbling block upon this band`s rise to success is that they are almost uncategorisable. Imagine a weird mixture of oddly alienated strummetty strum guitars, slightly discordant electric organ and a slightly dated late 1980`s rehash of the sort of instrumentation on the first and fourth Velvet Underground albums. It has glorious Sandy Dennyesque female vocals, but is lacking in songs. It presses all the right buttons but ultimately fails to deliver purely because of lack of material. This is Natalie Merchant`s 10,000 Maniacs on dextropropaphine. I quite like it but.......... Atilla the Hen


Thoughts on life, love and music from Twitchy the Tramp in his tawdry little ditch..

I have vacated my ditch for the time being and am currently lodging with my cousin `Rambling Asquith` in the bandstand at Riversleigh Park. `Why the Big Move?` you ask. It all started a week ago when a couple of students started moping around the ditch. At first I thought that they were Aanthropology Students studying tramp behaviour. However, the picked a coupleofpieces of pottery out of the side of the ditch, popped them into littleplastic bags and buggered off!

It turns out that it was Roman pottery, and before you could say `Jack Scabbyarse` the whole place was crawling with Boffins from Warwick University. They were cutting into my dear little ditch, nd digging under it, whilst talking excitedly about the `find of the decade`. of course, I had to move out temporarily, but that didn`t bother me as I have always found movements quite attractive.

TV`s "Time Team" are now involved and Tony `Baldrick` Robinson and his pals have unearthed a whole Roman temple under my ditch! Ironically the temple is dedicated to Inebrius the Roman God of Tramps otherwise known as Patricianus Via Romanus (Gentlemen of the Roman Roads). When the Priests of Inebrius invoked his spirit they staggered around swearing, singing, and urinating in public.

Once the work is finished Tony and Co will move the temple to a locaal museum and faithfully restore my ditch to its original filth and squalor. For the time being I am happy in the park. there`s an aviary and people throw food to ornamental birds theirein. A certain amount falls on the floor outside, so Asquith and I spend most afternoons on all fours gobbling up the deliciousd bird seed...


The Rising of the Moon: The Devonshire U.F.O Triangle

by Jonathan Downes & Nigel Wright.

12.95 from Domra Publications, 65 Constable Road, Corby, Northants.

Fully referenced and indexed.

A dead whale is washed up on a Devon beach with its genitals and rectum cored out in the style of a classic "cattle mutilation". Meanwhile someTHING is stalking a caravan site attacking domestic animals. Its description fits no animal on earth. Hooded brethren engage in bizarre rites on darksome moors as ghost and poltergeist reports flood in from all over the county. Above all this chaos, seemingly ever-present, were weird lights which hovered in the sky like watchful eyes.

Two men lived through this uncanny maelstrom and tried to make some sense of it all. This absorbing and disturbing book is the result.

There have been many attempts to figure out a unified theory of Fortean phenomena but none have made any sense.....until now. In perhaps the most important paranormal book of the decade the authors tackle such diverse subjects as mystery air ships, fire spitting dragons, fairy lore, sightings of alien entities, infestations of ghosts and much more.

Their conclusions may cost you many a nights' sleep.

"Like he upon a lonesome road doth walk in fear and dread........."- Richard Freeman, Cryptozoologist"


The Rising of the Moon: The Devonshire U.F.O. Triangle

by Jonathan Downes & Nigel Wright.

ISBN 09524417 7 2 12.95

" has something for everybody: the UFO devotee, the Charles Fort fanatic, the H.P. Lovecraft disciple, the Crowley crowd and just about anyone else who has ever contemplated the mysteries of our planet." - Nick Redfern, author of "A Covert Agenda" and "The FBI Files"

Summer 1997. During an unprecedented wave of UFO reports, a dead whale is washed up on a Devon beach in the style of a classic "cattle mutilation". Meanwhile some thing is stalking a caravan site attacking domestic animals. Its description fits no animal on earth. Sightings of mystery big cats, and ghost and poltergeist events show that something very strange is afoot in East Devon.

Nigel Wright, a dedicated UFO researcher and journalist who found that his home was near the epicentre of this mysterious psychic vortex, began to investigate, and Jonathan Downes, an accomplished writer, TV presenter and fortean researcher, brought his encyclopaedic knowledge of social history and scientific and paranormal theory to bear on the problem. "The Rising of the Moon" is the result.

In this absorbing and thoroughly researched, indexed and referenced work, Jonathan and Nigel meticulously examine and analyse the evidence and seek an underlying explanation.

Interwoven with reports of the strange events of 1997 are studies of the various locations: their geology and their social history - and earlier events, some unearthed from centuries in the past, such as missing persons and unsolved murders, UFOs, alien abductions and "missing time", crop circles, mystery air ships, and ghost and poltergeist activity. Consideration of scientific and social factors such as electromagnetic phenomena, earthlights, thoughtforms and faery lore radically increase the depth and diversity of this remarkable study.

Other writers have sought an overall explanation for outbreaks of strange or fortean phenomena, but to no avail. Now, in probably the most important paranormal book of the decade, the authors authoratively lay solid foundations for the first coherent "unified theory" of forteana.

Their conclusions may cost you (and many mainstream scientists) many a nights' sleep.

"Some of us have made a few faltering steps towards a solution to the UFO phenomenon. Jonathan Downes and Nigel Wright have got there first."

- Gilbert Nelson, author of "The Benhar Encounter"


We already have stuff planned on, Kula Shaker, TheMighty Bosstones, Maddy Prior, Portishead, and Jon Downes and the Amphibians from Outer Space (now THERE`S A SURPRISE).


Since we began in Cyberspace we have been reprinting a potted history of this project since its roots as a badly photocopied fanzine thingy a decade ago. If you still want to read this stuff you can access it thru our web-site. If you are heartily sick of it (as we are) you don`t have to.