If a site's left out, it's either because I haven't gone there yet, or more likely because I haven't got it together to update this page.

It's not necessarily because I think the site is shite.

It might have been so good that I sparked another one up and later forgot the web address. Who knows what can happen when you're chilling out to Space Ritual?

Brian Tawn

No website yet (but what's wrong with living in hope) - but Brian's excellent HW newsletter is still running after all these years.


If you want latest tour info or interviews with members then the best site for that, I reckon, is hawkwind.com - where their current (Nov 99) front page says the following:

Hawkwind are celebrating their 30th anniversary with the release of epoch eclipse, EMI's lavish boxed CD anthology spanning the band's entire history to date.

Now the masters of English tribal music, famed for the audiovisual impact of their live shows, take their sonic circus on the road again.

and then there's the tour dates I mentioned, lots of info links (including more info on Epoch Eclipse), and interviews with Dave Brock and Nik Turner.

Hawkwind have always had a good attitude to fans with no money and I've got mixed feelings about any Hawkwind site being this good. I hope that when skint Hawkfans use free-for-use Internet facilities like at the library, then one of the first things they do is dial up hawkwind.com and check it out.

Soniqué on the Web!
If the hawkwind.com site is down, like it was for several months in 1998, then I reckon the Soniqué site is the next best - apart from current tour news, that is, because the site seems updated pretty infrequently.

There's a Hawkwind Top 100 Discography, the HAWKDISC price list and new (well, new-ISH) release info, Hawkwind/Van der Graaf LP liner notes, a load of interesting record reviews & interviews, and a Calvert section too!


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