Weird War Tales I: UFOs 1939-45,

is the first in on-going series of volumes that will address all manner of mysteries from all manner of military conflicts - dating from biblical times to the present day.

Amongst other subjects that we focus on in this volume are:

  • Top Secret wartime investigations of a mystery precursor to the Flying Saucer - the Foo Fighter, a strange, aerial intruder reported in the war-torn skies of Europe and the Far East;
  • Accounts of strange bodies recovered from crashed aircraft of fantastic design and unknown origin that, in some cases, pre-date the events at Roswell by at least 6 years;
  • Reports that seem to fall into the so-called 'Alien Abduction' category;
  • Secret experiments to perfect 'death ray'-type devices.

    And much, much more!

    ISBN 0 9512 872 14
    © 2000 Weird War Tales Library 7.00

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